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Summer is coming


Food supplements can be good allies to prepare you for this season. Although they do not replace a varied and balanced diet, they can complete food intake by targeting seasonal needs through specifically selected active ingredients.


Sun exposure

In addition to the recommended protective equipment (hat, sunglasses and sunscreen), protection againt sun exposure can also be achieved by taking food supplements. A few weeks before the summer, it is possible to do a cure of food supplements with beta-carotene for example. This carotenoid is a precursor of vitamin A contributing to the good health of the skin.


Preparation of the silhouette

Before the summer, some seek to find or maintain their weight of form. In addition to a balanced diet, dietary supplements may contain active ingredients that contribute to weight control. The active ingredients used in dietary supplements for this purpose may have very different actions : for example, by its properties, konjac glucomannan helps to reduce appetite, while guarana is traditionally used to contribute to the fat metabolism.


Damaged hair

Bathing in the summer puts the hair to the test (salt water, chlorine ...). To help them regain their strength, it is possible to associate with conventional care masks a cure of food supplements specially designed for hair health. Dietary supplements with a capillary focus usually contain keratin, or selenium and zinc, two minerals that contribute to healthy hair.