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ACTIDIET: Manufacturer of food supplements

Manufacturer of food supplements for over 20 years in France, Actidiet designs, develops, manufactures and packages your food supplements for the French, European and global markets.
Our services include Full Service, Made-to-Measure and Made in France.
Our products are available at multiple outlets in all indications of food supplements and nutritional products.
Our quality processes comply with applicable regulations.

Actidiet manufacturer food supplements

The Company

Actidiet, manufacturer of food supplements, designs, develops, manufactures and packages
your food supplements for French, European and global markets.

full service in food supplements

Our Expertise: full service

We can assist you with designing, developing and formulating your food supplement.
Complements alimentaires

Our Products

Our products meet the market requirements of both food and nutritional supplements.

packaging for food supplements

Our Packaging

Our packaging is suitable for capsules, powders and liquids for all markets.

quality and safety in food supplements

Quality and Safety

Our quality and safety approach is aimed towards constant customer satisfaction and is in full compliance with current regulations to protect the well-being of consumers.


Autumn and immune defenses


Falling temperatures, decreasing sunshine... the autumn is well installed. Dietary supplements can be good allies to strengthen your immune defenses in winter!

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Happy summer 2017


Summer 2017 is coming and with it the joys of sunbathing but also its share of mischief!

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Why is Actidiet interested in the chinese new year ?


Actidiet presented its best wishes to all its customers, at the end of December as it should be in Europe. So why start a month later? Because this year Chinese New Year still called Lunar New Year, s...

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Actidiet presents its best wishes and above all health to all its customers and partners


A new year begins. Actidiet wishes above all the best health to its customers and partners, and the full of vitality and energy for success in all their most precious projects.

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Autumn, why an increased interest in food supplements?


Seasonal changes, especially the arrival of autumn, are sensitive periods for the body. Falling temperatures can cause temporary fatigue, low morale and make us more vulnerable to viruses.

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Food supplements, a growing market


the French market for food supplements has increased overall by 3.9% in 2015.

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