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design of food supplements

Food supplements

We assist with the design, development and formulation of your food supplement.
In compliance with our FULL SERVICE, following validation, we manufacture your food supplement and deliver a finished product ready for sale under your brand.


The développement stages of your food supplement:

1 -  Design and formulation

Thanks to our technologie and regulatory monitoring processes, we are able to develop a product idea, a formulation, tests and pre-production validation.

2 - Regulatory validation

Prior to manufacture, we ensure the full regulatory validation of your labels, guidelines and boxes, as well as the preparation and submission of your marketing authorisation.

3 - Manufacturing

We comply with good hygiene, safety and traceability practices throughout all stages of manufacturing in compliance with HACCP.

  • Supply and control of raw materials
  • Weighing
  • Mixing
  • Capsule filling
  • Packaging in boxes and cases, attachment of labels
  • Placement in blister packets and cases
  • Microbiological discharge analysis of finish product

Dietary products - Powders

The same procedure as food supplements is used.

  • Packaging into sachets and cases
  • Packaging into labelled or screen-printed boxes
  • Packaging into labelled single-dose vials


Packaging into PVC vials (Asian markets)