Customised development
Made in France

The Company

Actidiet over 20 years of developing, manufacturing and packaging food supplements in France

Actidiet, manufacturer of food supplements, designs, develops, manufactures and packages your food supplements for the French, European and global markets.
Our services include FULL SERVICE, Made-to-Measure and Made in France.
We carry out technological and regulatory monitoring, implement marketing authorisations and provide all relevant exportation documents.

Actidiet is located in Haute Vallée de la Bruche near Strasbourg in Alsace.

Since its creation in 1992, Actidiet has grown in France, Europe and global markets.
Over 70% of our production is exported to Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America.

Actidiet, manufacturer of food supplements

Actidiet is proud to foster long-term relations with all clients and customers.
Actidiet is a member of the Syndicat National des Compléments Alimentaires Synadiet (Synadiet, the National Association of Food Supplements).

Customer and quality focused values

Long-term relationships with our clients and customers
Full regulatory compliance
Flexibility, speed, adaptability
Technologiste and regulatory monitoring

Full Service: what we offer

Customised development
Small-, medium and large-scale production
Innovation and research of new ingredients
Monitoring of authorised claims
Marketing authorisations
French and European regulatory monitoring
Extensive export experience